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"PLAYHOUSE" magnetic sponge constructor

"PLAYHOUSE" magnetic sponge constructor

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Toys and furniture, infinite solution in 1 for the children's room!

It's not a constructor, it's:

- Home

- Labyrinth

- The scene

- The fortress

...or whatever his imagination whispers!

And when playtime is over, properly arranged, the Playhouse builder becomes a comfortable place to relax or even sleep.

The secret of the Playhouse builder is the built-in magnets, strong enough to hold the cushions together, but also easy to detach.

There is no need to take into account the poles of the magnets when joining the pillows, because they are special!

The 12 pieces of the Playhouse builder are:

Safe for children!

I hid the magnets well inside, even the zipper slider is covered by fabric.

Easy, manageable and safe!

The cushions are made of polyurethane foam. Children can pick them up, carry them and put them together, without the help of an adult. Independence for the child, peace for the parent!

Easy to clean or wash!

Each piece is covered with a removable fabric cover, which can be wiped with a wet sponge or even put in the washing machine.

The children's room is their play area, development and comfort, set it up with the help of the Playhouse constructor !

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